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Loulabub YouTube Star

Loulabub Zoolabub is the star of YouTube sensation Storytime Pup’s latest posting. The brand new YouTube Childrens channel aired it’s Loulabub Zoolabub episode on Wednesday 6 July 2016 and it already has over 100 views and a number of likes and positive comments. You can watch the video and subscribe to the Storytime Pup channel here:┬áStorytime Pup – Loulabub Zoolabub…

Story Time At Sutton Library

Today, Friday 30 October 2015, we were at Sutton Library for it’s Half Term Story time. There were two readings, 10:15-10:45 and 11:15-11:45 during which Lindsey (Sutton Library) led some animal and monkey based songs and games before the floor was handed over for the readings of Loulabub Zoolabub. The boys and girls in attendance seemed to love the story…

Story Time At Circle Library

Please come and join us at Middleton Circle Library this Tuesday, 8 September 2015 for the first ever public reading of Loulabub Zoolabub. There will be a free Loulabub bookmark for everyone who attends. Many thanks to the staff of Sutton Libraries for making this possible, and for all your help and support.